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Friday, December 10, 2010

Harry Potter and Transport

Has anyone noticed how very many ways there are of getting from one place to another in the "Harry Potter" series? J. K. Rowling was obsessed with transport. Here is a partial list:

  1. Broomsticks.
  2. Hagrid's motorcycle.
  3. Flue powder.
  4. Apparition.
  5. Portkey.
  6. Knight bus.
  7. Thestral.
  8. Griffin.
  9. The death eaters travel through the air leaving smoke behind them.
  10. The Weasley's flying car.
  11. The toilets used to enter the Ministry of Magic.
  12. Sideways-moving elevator in the Ministry of Magic.
One or two ways of magic travel would have been enough. What is the reason for so many?